Sara, 18, Sweden. Taken.
Vegetarian. Straight Edge. God free. Realist. Socially awkward. Weird.
Foxes. Trees. Nature. Animals. Tattoos. Beauty.
"I love not man the less, but nature more."


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Val is flippin adorable!
Spring 2014
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Family Ink Tattoo
midnattsulv: Hello beautiful human. Once you get this, you must publicly say five things about yourself, then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers. Not back to me. :)

1. I really want to travel the world. 
2. I love nature and hate the fact that we’re destroying it. 
3. I enjoy spending time alone, but I don’t want to be lonely. 
4. I wish that more people stopped talking for a while and just listened.
5. aaaaand I think I’m being too deep right now ok bye. 

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sick! @barbe_rousse_tattooer with tattoos by @servadio_, Lionel MrBiz, Rafel Delalande, @timorsuper, @mj_tattoos, @spiderxdeath, @philippefernandez, @mr_oger and @thomasburkhardt 😵 // #blackwork #dotwork #linework #traditional #black #tattoo #geometry #ornamental #mandala #mehndi

I want to be with you. Every day, like this.
"It seems very safe to me to be surrounded by green growing things and water."

Barbara Kingsolver

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